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Midwest Tongs.Com is proud to introduce to you the highest quality snake handling tools made in the USA. Don't be fooled by cheap imitations of our professional grade equipment. The people at Midwest have been taking care of various exotic animals for over 30 years, with all of our products being designed and tested with them in mind.

We construct every piece of equipment from aircraft grade materials to insure not only your safety, but the safe handling of your animals as well.

It is our goal to produce only equipment that we are proud to put our name on, and that's the guarantee that you are purchasing a genuine Midwest product.

Many professional researchers, zoo keepers and field collectors are also involved in the field testing of our equipment. With their input, we feel that we can provide the best made equipment in the industry.

PayPalWe are also helping animals in distress through our animal sanctuary and rescue (Monkey-Island.Net). Please help us to run Monkey Island by donating a small amount. Thank you.


One of the reasons for our success is our close co-operation with some of the most knowledgeable and experienced snake handlers in the industry. Read their testimonials, more...


Midwest has been manufacturing professional grade products in the United States past 30 years. We manufacture all our equipment to the highest quality standards, and use quality materials and testing with the safety of the handler and the animal in mind. Please be aware there are many cheap copies and imitations of our products being imported from Asia. Choose Midwest for your safety and comfort of the animals.

Featured Products

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Standard Tong 40 Inch
Price: $59.95
Standard Tong 40 Inch
By far the number one selling of all our tongs. 40 inch in length makes it comfortable for the average size person.
Transformer Net System #1 - 18 X 23 x 43 Inches Deep
Price: $149.95
Transformer Net System #1 - 18 X 23 x 43 Inches Deep
This is the last net system you will ever need and is a high quality design. It will help you catch animals like cats, lemurs, birds and many other zoo and animal control captures. 43" Deep net and all made at our plant here in the USA.
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IMPORTANT: We do not accept Credit Card payments for International orders. You can use PayPal or wire transfer. 
In case you have a question please do not hesitate to contact us.