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AVID Microchips

Own any high dollar specimens? Use implantable AVID microchips to permanently and secretly mark them for life!

American Veterinary Identification Devices (AVID) are injectable electronic identification systems for use in animal identification. The microchip is a tiny computer chip that has a preset number programmed into it. It is encapsulated within a non-allergenic, biocompatible material that is small enough to fit inside of a hypodermic needle. It can then be injected under the skin of a reptile, where it will stay for the life of the animal. Once injected, a chip will last for decades. This provides a permanent, positive i.d. that cannot be lost, altered or intentionally removed - a safe, simple and inexpensive way to protect your pet against loss or theft. This system could also be utilized in tracking various individual reptiles in a given research area.

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