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Mark O'Shea

BSc., DSc (Hon), FRGS, FZS

Curator of Reptiles, West Midland Safari Park, Worcs., England; Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society; Scientific Fellow of the Zoological Society of London; Fellow of the Explorers' Club of New York (British Chapter) and recipient of their Millennium Award for Exploration "for services to zoology"; Honorary Research Fellow of University of Wolverhampton and recipient of an Honorary Degree of Doctor of Sciences "for services to herpetology"; Affiliate to the National Museum of Papua New Guinea; President of the International Herpetological Society; author of "A Guide to the Snakes of Papua New Guinea"; co-author of the "Dorling Kindersley Handbook of Reptiles and Amphibians" and presenter of "Giant Snake", "Black Mamba", and three series' of "O'Shea's Big Adventure"

You can visit Mark's website at

Roark Ferguson

We are very pleased to welcome aboard animal conservationist Roark Ferguson, one of the most sought after speakers in the animal industry today.. With more than 20 years experience on stage, screen, and talk shows, Roark Ferguson has captivated and educated standing room only audiences nationwide.
His life's work (broadening public opinion) has also allowed him to lecture and provide animals for, National Geographic, E's "Wild On", Comedy Central's "Insomniac", Animal Planet's "Amazing Animals", TNT's "Blue Ribbon", and most recently "Southern Living Presents.". Affectionately known as "The Big Snake Daddy" Roark has often maintained the largest collection of reptiles in the history of the State of South Carolina encompassing a very diverse group of nearly 1,100 snakes, numerous crocodilians, as well as other herpetofauna.
Throughout his career he has successfully bred and raised countless species of reptiles placing many on display at worthy institutions.. Roark is the former Zoological Director of Alligator Adventure, the current Crocodilian Advisory Consultant to the SC Aquarium, a member of the SC State Animal Advisory Review Board and serves on numerous wildlife and conservation advisory boards working to keep reptiles and exotic animals available to hobbyists and professionals alike.
Careful scientific observation, highly entertaining anecdotes, a passion for performing, unique insight and commitment to coexistence with wildlife, and dedication to midwest products make him a valuable addition to our team. . . Roark's work with crocodiles is unprecedented. He is the only person known to have successfully trained an adult crocodile.

Dr. Sean P. Bush, MD, FACEP

Staff Emergency Physician & Envenomation Specialist
Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine