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From Mark O'Shea

Curator of Reptiles, West Midland Safari Park, Worcs., England; Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society; Scientific Fellow of the Zoological Society of London; Fellow of the Explorers' Club of New York (British Chapter) and recipient of their Millennium Award for Exploration "for services to zoology"; Honorary Research Fellow of University of Wolverhampton and recipient of an Honorary Degree of Doctor of Sciences "for services to herpetology"; Affiliate to the National Museum of Papua New Guinea; President of the International Herpetological Society; author of "A Guide to the Snakes of Papua New Guinea"; co-author of the "Dorling Kindersley Handbook of Reptiles and Amphibians" and presenter of "Giant Snake", "Black Mamba", and three series' of "O'Shea's Big Adventure"
I just unpacked the new version Gentle Giant Tongs from Midwest in preparation for flying to overseas on Monday and I am impressed. I have used these Gentle Giants before and believe the broad, slightly padded jaws greatly limit the chances of harming the snake, even when used by an inexperienced herper, but these new version Gentle Giant Tongs are even better. Read more ...

From Bryan G. Fry, Ph.D.

Australian Venom Research Unit in the Dept. of Pharmacology at the University of Melbourne
Heavy Duty Gloves Review
Midwest sells a pair of heavy-duty gloves, lined with ballistic Kevlar that I use for snake handling purposes. And while Midwest doesn't guarantee them to be puncture proof, I have on many occasions (hundreds) had various species to chew on them while my hands were still inside. However, I didn't start doing this without some extensive testing of their puncture resistant capabilities. Read more ...
Equipment Review
I've been giving the Midwest products a really good workout over the last couple months, using them both with terrestrial and also marine species of snakes. Read more ...

From Tanyth Tyrr, Snake Getters

I recently acquired a set of the Gentle Giant tongs and the Midwest combination hook, pinner and bagging tool. These safe and sturdy products have stood up admirably in the last few weeks to rather rough field usage, from crawling into a swamp after cottonmouths to pushing through heavy brush after rattlesnakes. They have moved large Eastern diamondbacks and sacked adult Gaboon vipers, and have also been gentle enough to use on smaller, light bodied snakes (2' - 3' crotalids) without fear of injury. Read more ...

From Allen Hunter

Gentle Giant Snake Tong Review
Call them what you will - 'tongs', 'grabs', 'spaz-stick', etc., the snake tong is one of those tools that although you may be hesitant or suspicious concerning it's use on the animal, you're often glad you had in cases of an out-of control animal that will NOT stay on hooks - or trying to dislodge an arboreal species from a branch. Read more ...