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Snake Guardz Olive Green

Price: From $77.95 to $88.95

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Snake Guardz™ are manufactured with 1000 denier nylon, 600 denier polyester or cotton fabric encasing Acrylic and Polycarbonate inserts which stop the fangs of poisonous snakes. They protect to 18" high or 21" high in ex-tall. Snake Guardz™ weigh only 10 oz. and are impact tested to ASTM test method F-1342-05. The fabrics have 1 ounce of urethane or DWR applied to the inside surface for water resistance. Snake Guardz™ secure to the leg of the wearer with two 1" polyester straps and polyurethane quick release buckles. They may be worn loosely around the leg allowing for air circulation between the leg and the guard. Snake Guardz™ have a unique patented toe cover which covers the laces of a boot or shoe and prevents the possibility of snake fangs becoming tangled in shoelaces when struck. Snake Guardz™ are Cool, Comfortable Leg Armor.™

**Sizes measure around calf of leg at widest point.