Animal Control

Midwest Tongs Store

Animal Control Officers and Agencies around the world have been relying on Midwest Tongs for over 30 years to provide them the tools necessary to do the very dangerous job of capturing and containing animals. The challenge is to keep the handler safe while minimizing the risk of injury to the animal. Midwest Tongs offers a range of animal control equipment that is designed to be durable, reliable and most importantly, effective in the capture of loose animals.

One of the most commonly used, must have animal control tools in our inventory is our Snare Pole. Although most often used for dogs, cats and other small mammals, these poles are also extremely effective with large lizards and small alligators. Strong and simple to employ, these poles are designed to provide many years of service. Also offered in a retractable configuration when additional length is needed, such as when rescuing animals from waterways, storm drains or trees.

We also offer animal capture equipment such as the revolutionary Transformer Net System, which allows for quick, on the spot changes in the shape and size of the net to provide a safe way to capture and maintain control over smaller animals.