Snake Bagger Systems

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Snake Baggers are one of the most important tools used for snake capture and transfer. The Midwest Tongs snake bagger system removes much of the danger associated with the transfer of venomous snakes by reducing the contact between the handler and the containment vessel. Once the snake is captured, it can be safely moved from the snake catching bag to the bucket without ever leaving confinement. This significantly reduces the risk of a bite or injury to the animal.

The SN-BG double bagging system is our most popular snake handling bag and the first choice of organizations such as Fish and Wildlife, Animal Control and other agencies charged with handling snakes for the safety of the public.

The Midwest Tongs Snake Bagger Pro, SN-BG-PRO, was designed specifically with the field based professional herpetologist in mind. This amazing unit can be collapsed and easily carried on your hip until needed.

Don’t be like the guy on TV that is holding a pillow case while his buddy is dropping a rattlesnake into it.

Be smart. Be safe.