Snake Hooks

Midwest Tongs Store

Snake Hooks are an essential tool for those who work with snakes. Hooks allow the user to maneuver a snake while allowing the snake more freedom to move. Snake handling hooks are ideal for use in field herping as they can be used to flip over items where snakes may be hiding while maintaining a safe distance between the animal and the user. Some snake hooks are even designed to be able to pull apart stumps or assist in hiking and climbing.

Midwest Tongs offers a wide variety of styles and sizes of hooks designed to fit the needs of everyone from the hobbyist to the professional.  Midwest Tongs is the world’s leader in snake hooks. In fact, the Midwest Tongs Standard Hook, STD-HK40, is the most used snake hook in the world today!

If you are unsure of which hook is right for your needs, please feel free to call and speak with Dana Savorelli, the owner, for some expert advice.