Snake Tongs

Midwest Tongs Store

Snake tongs are a tool that can grab and hold a snake at a distance. The tongs will allow someone with no experience to grab and move a snake. Tongs are an extension of your arm. However, tongs aren’t just for herpetologists! They can be handy to do many household things and are great for reaching in areas where you would not want your hand to be or won’t fit.

Choosing the length of tong is just a matter of comfort for the handler. 40-inch tongs are currently our best seller however, some may prefer more length to be comfortable. If you are unsure, call and speak to the owner, to help figure out what length is best for you.

Professional Handling Tip: If possible, pick the snake up from about the middle of its body. This will help provide balance, and the snake won’t be as scared. NEVER PICK UP NEAR THE HEAD, IT COULD THRASH AND BREAK IT’S NECK.