Our Promise to You

Buyer Beware

Our Promise to You

At Midwest Tongs, our passion is providing the world’s best products to our customers.  We have spent over four decades researching, testing, developing and creating products for some of the most respected and discerning experts in the field of animal science. Our experience allows us to create through the lens of an end user, the animal handler, and design products that will protect them while also ensuring no harm to the animals in their care. Midwest Tongs carefully tests and inspects our products to ensure the highest level of quality.  Our long-term customers know that when you must have the right tool, the right way, at the right time, only trust Midwest Tongs to get it right. We hope that you too will come to see what sets us apart from all of those who try, and fail, to imitate our brand. When your life depends on your tools, depend on Midwest Tongs!

Beware of Counterfeit Midwest Tongs Products

As the world’s leader in snake handling equipment, we are aware there are many cheap copies and imitations of our products being imported from other countries. While imitation may be the best form of flattery, buying cheap imitation and counterfeit products can cost more in the long run. Remember that the bitter pain of an injury or even death as the result of a failed animal encounter will far outlast the sweet taste of a cheaply priced tool.  Always buy from us and look for our distinctive Midwest Tongs logo to know you have an authentic Midwest Tongs product. If you are suspicious of an offer you see on the internet or from a dealer, contact us directly to verify the authenticity of the product you are considering. We want you to be safe!

My job of catching some of the world's most deadly snakes is made easier with the Midwest Tongs equipment. Not only is there a tool for every job or situation, I know I can rely on them as they are so well made. I wouldn’t use anything else!
—Simon Keys, Snake City


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