Animal Grabber Tongs

Animal Grabber Tongs


Our most popular tool for animal control officers, zoos and veterinarians.

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The animal grabber is one of the most used tools by animal control officers. Although used often for dogs and cats, this tool can be used for reptiles, such as large lizards and small alligators. Other uses include the swine and poultry industry. Strong, yet light in weight, this tool will provide many years of use. Used by Zoos, veterinarians, animal control officers and others. Comes with custom-made rubber jaws cushions. Made from cast aluminum with a special mix of titanium and magnesium for greater strength. Stainless steel aircraft cable and components. No external parts exposed. This is a quality tool that stands out of its class. Custom designed cushions, with an air pocket in it to create a softer grip, are now included at no extra charge. You won’t find this option on any other tool than the Midwest Animal Grabber Tongs.

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