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Midwest Tongs is the worlds’ leader in snake handling equipment. Our products are trusted by millions of professionals and hobbyists to be the toughest, most dependable and safest tools available on the market today. We simply won’t stand for second best!

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Pierce Curran and Dana Savorelli hold gaboon viper with two snake hooks

Midwest Tong’s reputation has carried it to all corners of the earth. Equipment manufactured by Midwest Tongs is consistently chosen by TV personalities on Animal Planet, National Geographic, Scaly Adventures and Discovery Channel television shows. Midwest Tong’s tools can be found literally around the world in zoos, aquariums, herpetariums, universities and in the hands of animal control professionals dealing with almost any type of animal.

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Dana Savorelli has dedicated his life to the safe and humane handling of animals and it is the core operating principle of his company, Midwest Tongs. One of the biggest ways that Dana fulfills this calling is in the founding and operation of Monkey Island Rescue and Sanctuary, a non-profit animal sanctuary and retirement home for over 250 animals. Not exclusive to primates, Monkey Island Rescue and Sanctuary offers food, shelter and acquires veterinary care for unwanted and abandoned exotic animals of all types. These animals require special accommodations and handling skills that most animal control agencies do not possess, and thus many of these animals are euthanized. By providing Monkey Island Rescue and Sanctuary, Dana has saved the lives of countless animals. He is a sought-after expert in the rescue, rehabilitation and housing of distressed exotic animals.

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