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There has never been a capture net with this design. We at Midwest have been working with all types of domestic and exotic animals for over 40 years. With the standard hoop frame and net that your Transformer Net System comes with you can make 6 different hoop configurations. This net system will help you catch animals like cats, lemurs, birds and many other zoo and animal control captures. 43″ deep net and all made at our plant here in the USA.

From a standard hoop size approximately:

  • 23×18” Standard hoop.
  • 25×12” Narrow cat net
  • 24×15” to the right hand offset
  • 24×15” to the left hand offset
  • 24×14”tight right hand offset
  • 24×14”tight left hand offset

Additional Product Details

  • Hoop is a flexible design for safe capture.
  • Net bag is like no other.
  • 20” Zipper in the side for quick release.
  • Net closing device to close off the net.
  • 3 Heavy-duty handles on the net, 2 on the top and 1 on the bottom of the net.
  • Large opening where net hoop goes into net for a fast way to take the net on and off.
  • Push button positive lock system for immediate handle release and to collapse to under 30″ for carry.
  • Hoop has our Grenade Pin Positive Lock System for a fast change of net or changing hoop configurations. NO TOOLS NEEDED.
  • Net burst strength is approximately 100lb.
  • Net bag size is 43” deep. (This is crucial in the safe capturing of animals.)
  • Handle slides forward through the hoop block for small storage but quick to lock in place to be ready to work.
  • Net size with handle is 50” but collapses down to 30” and will easily fit behind the seat of a vehicle .
  • The complete system weighs less than 2.1lb.
  • Net is black in color. The darker color helps keep the animal more calm.

Here, at Midwest, we design, develop, manufacture and are also an end user, the same as our customers and have been developing animal handling equipment for over 40 years. A large portion of our proceeds go to our “not for profit” animal sanctuary for exotics that house around 250 animals, from venomous snakes to over 70 primates. My passion for caring for unwanted animals has been since I was a young boy. This takes a lot of work and dedication, but for all the hard work the reward is indescribable.

Thank you for considering our equipment,

Dana Savorelli

Pres. Midwest Tongs, Inc

Midwest Animal Capture and Safety Equipment


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Weight2.4 lbs
Dimensions30 × 18 × 2 in

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